$60.00($6 each)

Recycled PET Splash Guard

rPET (Recycled PET from water bottles) or Recycled PET is a chemical resistant widely used plastic material that it infinitely recyclable which is why it is known as the planet plastic. It is extremely durable and easily cleaned with most household disinfectants.

Infection Control

Add a layer of protection between you and something you can't afford to catch! Protect your most vulnerable areas - eyes, nose & mouth - with just a Face Shield!

Personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals, essential personnel and everyday citizens. Keep your loved ones safe whether it is going out to the grocery store or keeping your daughter/son protected who is a nurse taking care of many patients at their hospital. Light, flexible and adjustable makes it a simple yet useful barrier between you and something you can't afford to catch!

Splash Guard Includes

- 81/2” x 13” RPET Sheet

- Comfortable Foam headpiece

- Adjustable Velcro Strap

We are Proud to Produce Splash Guards to Help
Those on the Front Lines Battling COVID-19

Features & Benefits

Reusable & Cost Effective vs Single Use

Splash Guard lens is wipe-down washable with most household cleaners and disinfectants including diluted bleach solutions.

Made from 100% Cellulose Acetate or RPET Plastic

Derived from renewable and sustainable resources like recycled plastic water bottles.

Designed to Fit Over Most Eyeglasses and PPE Masks

Allowing professionals to effectively and comfortable work.

Adjustable Band with Foam Cushion

Comfortably fits any head size; perfect for wearing for long periods of time.


“Our staff and I love these - easy to clean, excellent coverage, and they don’t fog up as we are wearing them. Great product! “

- Saint Barnabas
Oncology Doctor

“Revmark has made going back to working less anxiety provoking by knowing that I will be protecting myself the best I can against an awful illness while still doing my job to help protect and save others. Their online site was so easy to order from and I know I will continue to use them for future purchases“

- Dr. K

“I am a physician in NYC. We received a box of face shields. They were packed well in the box. The shields have been used by our hospital system. They are comfortable and stay on easily while being appropriately protective. Definitely recommend this product! “

- Dr. Lary H.